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Scholarships for Art

Scholastic Art and Writing Awards-Art Section

National Art Materials Trade Association Art Major Scholarship

ARTBA-TDF Highway Workers Memorial Scholarship Program

Arts Recognition and Talent Search (ARTS)

Scholastic Art and Writing Awards-Writing Section Scholarship

Young American Creative Patriotic Art Awards Program

Asian Art and Religion Fellowships

Artist's Magazine's Annual Art Competition

Kress/ARIT Pre-doctoral Fellowship in the History of Art and

Kress Fellowship in the Art and Archaeology of Jordan

Annual Liberty Graphics Outdoor Activities Art Contest

Douglas Foundation Fellowship in American Art

Art International Award

Phelan Art Award in Filmmaking

Phelan Art Award in Video

Liquitex Excellence in Art Purchase Award Program

National Art Honor Society Scholarship

Metropolitan Museum of Art Bothmer Fellowship

Al and Art Mooney Scholarships

International Art Show for Disabled Artists

National Art Materials Trade Association Academic Scholarship

J. Paul Getty Postdoctoral Fellowships in the History of Art

National Alliance for Excellence Honored Scholars and Artists

Emerging Texas Artist Scholarship

Grants for Professional Canadian Artists

Artist's-Blacksmith's Association of North America, Inc.

Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Graduate Fellowship Program

Idaho Commission on the Arts Fellowship Awards

American Indian Arts Council Scholarship

NLAPW Virginia Liebeler Biennial Grants for Mature Women (Arts)

Dissertation Fellowships on the Arts and Social Science

Henry and Chiyo Kuwahara Creative Arts Scholarship

Artist's- Blacksmith's Association of North America, Inc. Scholarship Program